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Timanfaya Maternity Bathtub


The Timanfaya range is designed for preparation for childbirth with a natural approach. Timanfaya dilation bath is recognised as a complement to or an alternative to analgesic treatments and fits perfectly within physiological birth spaces. In a warm bath, the mother is less stressed and experiences her contractions more calmly. The heat and support of the water ensure well-being that reduces muscle tension and encourages the dilation of the cervix.

Disinfection and hygiene


Baths in the Timanfaya range are fitted with auto-matic disinfection systems and a continuous UV disinfection system throughout the duration of the balneotherapy treatment.

Obstetrics take the plunge


Hospitals have now included the concept of the bath as a place for relaxation in all hospital wards. And more recently, in obstetrics, a bath has become a key tool as a natural birthing aid. Several studies have been carried out within many renowned hospitals. These show that the feeling of lightness, floating and heat that the water offers make it possible to reduce muscle tension, leading to a considerable reduction in pain. As the mother is less stressed, she can deal with the contractions more calmly.



  • Ergonomic shell for the entire range
  • Choice between height-adjustable or fixed height chassis
  • Silent balneotherapy system designed to soothe the 3 sensitive areas during prenatal contractions (lumbar vertebrae, legs and soles of the feet)
  • Automatic disinfection system and natural UV disinfection, continues during the entire balneotherapy cycle
  • Chromotherapy (256 colours)
  • Music therapy with sound waves
  • Personalise your project with screen printing on the entire bath

Full cover screen printing


Full cover screen printing where your bath colours can match your entire project.

Therapeutic Benefits


Beyond de-stressing and relaxation, balneotherapy has other therapeutic benefits for the user. For sensory stimulation, tubs combine two types of balneotherapy:


  •  Air balneotherapy: relaxing and soothing thanks to thousands of air bubbles. The soft touch of the bubbles on the body brings unparalleled bathing comfort (with temperature display).
  • Water balneotherapy: massaging and stimulating thanks to adjustable power water jets. The distribution of the nozzles all over the tub provides complete hydro massage (with temperature display).
  • Music Therapy: Music can be heard and felt thanks to a pure sound released into the air and water by vibration of the tub. A unique sensory experience as a therapeutic tool.
  • Colour Therapy: Colour therapy uses colours to heal the body and mind. With 356 colours, bathing becomes a moment of pure relaxation. The light is diffused in the water and also projects into the room to create a real space of sensory well-being.
  • Phytotherapy: With Plant extracts and natural active ingredients, phytotherapy offers a full body treatment.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy or how to enjoy aromas without altering the bath water, thanks to a unique system. The aromas are diffused through the balneotherapy air system.

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