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Rejuvenate Bathtub



Well-being and Harmony

The Rejuvenate bathtub offers the possibility of integrating a stretcher transfer device in complete immersion allowing the patient to comfortably enjoy all the natural therapies and their sensory stimulation. Like our whole collection this bathtub is designed to provide relief to the bather and make the caregivers handling as easy as possible.

Height Adjustable Chassis


Ergonomics and comfort


  • Simplification and positioning of ergonomic controls
  • The variable height system
  • XL ergonomic tub – suitable for all body sizes



  • XL ergonomic tub – suitable for all body sizes
  • Electric variable height
  • Retractable shower
  • Cascade filling
  • Personalised colour screen printing
  • Pre-fill

Technical Tap Unit

Technical unit (Taps, filling and integrated controls with or without pre-fill)

Remote Control System

Remove Control Unit

Internal Disinfection System

Internal disinfection system

Care Home Baths


Care Home Bathing is the Care and Residential Division of Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd, the leading solutions company for nursing and care homes baths. WISAB is a name synonymous with first class quality and innovation. With over 25 years’ experience, the company has a strong heritage in specialist nursing and care home baths.

Over the years the company has worked closely with healthcare professionals, care providers, and families. Striving to deliver the very best bathing solutions for both the bather and carer. The companies proactive approach is understanding the diversity, needs and changing environments within today’s society. Commitment to meet the ongoing challenges that customers face with individual circumstances. Our front-line engagement ensures our solutions maximise independent bathing.

The companies predominant market is the UK and they also accommodate worldwide enquiries and orders. For UK enquiries they can offer an additional comprehensive service via a nationwide network of Product Advisers, Design Specialists, Installers and Service Engineers.

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