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Opulent Bathtub

Opulant Bathtub - Care home bathing

Ergonomics and Comfort


The Opulant therapy bathtub is designed to provide relief to the patient and make the caregiver’s handling as easy as possible. A symmetrical tub to position the resident’s head to the right or the left. A relaxing and invigorating bath tub aimed at the well being and stimulation of the bather.

The bathtub supports well-being and intense relaxation thanks to the range of air and/or water balneotherapies, phytotherapy, colour therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy. A non-medical atmosphere encourages sensory expression, relaxation and fun.

All the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath firmly aimed at the well-being and the stimulation of residents.



  • Simplification and positioning of ergonomic controls
  • Bath height electrically adjustable
  • A symmetrical tub to position the users head to the right or the left
  • Personalised colour screen printing
  • Electric variable height
  • Grab handle for easy access
  • Ergonomic moulded seat and headrest
  • Retractable shower
  • Cascade filling with easy to use digital controls
  • Pre-fill

Height Adjustable Chassis

Cleaning and Hygiene

The bathtub is equipped with disinfection devices (internal and/or built-in) adapted to its equipment to avoid cross contmination.

Thermostatic Control Taps

Comfort Cascade

Integrated Shower

Technical details


  • Door safety solenoid
  • Door locking safety system
  • Anti-scald safety with the water temperature locked at 38°C.



  • CE 93/42 MDD marking
  • KIWA directives – EN1717 – Protection against pollution of potable water in water installations and general requirements of devices to prevent pollution by backflow
  • Belgaqua



  • Anatomical tub in fibreglass reinforced polyester, sanitary gelcoat finish with integrated ergonomic seat
  • Steel chassis with high-performance anti-corrosion treatment



  • Hot and cold water: ½’’ turn ¼ valve – standard thermostatic control taps
  • Hot and cold water: female ½ turn ¼ valve
  • Power supply: 230V – 16A fuse (10A without balneotherapy) – circuit breaker – 30 mA differential

Personalised Screen Printing



The bathtub screen printing can be personalised, ideal for integrating real multi-sensory wellbeing as advocated by the Snoezelen program.

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