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Grandiose Bathtub

Offers a non medical atmosphere that encourages sensory expression, relaxation and fun. All the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath firmly aimed at the well-being and the stimulation of the bather. Whether used with a walking frame, wheelchair, hoist or passive or active stander, the Grandiose bath is the most adapted/versatile system.

Multi-sensory Stimulation


  • Air balneotherapies – thousands of bubbles for relaxing and soothing.
  • Water balneotherapies – adjustable power water jets offers massaging and stimulation.
  • Phytotherapy – full body treatment with natural plant extracts.
  • Colour therapy – colour lighting is diffused in the water and also projects into the room.
  • Aromatherapy – aromas diffused through the balneotherapy air system
  • Music therapy – music can be heard and felt.

Key Features


  • Side opening for easy access
  • Grab handle for aid transfers
  • Bath height electrically adjustable
  • Collapsible door
  • Secure automatic opening and locking system
  • Easy to use digital function control
  • Anatomic moulded seat offering maximum comfort
  • Anatomic head rest and backrest
  • Personalised colour screen printing
  • External disinfection system to avoid cross contamination

External Disinfection System



  • Hot and cold water: ½’’ turn ¼ valve – standard thermostatic control taps
  • Hot and cold water: female ½ turn ¼ valve
  • Power supply: 230V – 16A fuse (10A without balneotherapy) – circuit breaker – 30 mA differential

Technical Details


  • Door safety solenoid
  • Door locking safety system
  • Anti-scald safety with the water temperature locked at 38°C.



  • Anatomical tub in fibreglass reinforced polyester, sanitary gelcoat finish with integrated ergonomic seat
  • Steel chassis with high-performance anti-corrosion treatment

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