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Care Home Bathing

Care Home Bathing is the Care and Residential Division of Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd offering the latest hydrotherapy baths.

We are a well established family owned UK Company offering bathing solutions to solve people’s bathing problems and enhance people’s lives.

As the market leader in independent living solutions in the UK, Walk in Showers and Baths (WISAB) is a name synonymous with first class quality and innovation.  Listening to our customers guarantees we not only meet their exceptions but surpass them as well.

High customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we focus on delivering award-winning products that guarantee a better quality of life.  It is through this commitment that we have established ourselves as the leading solutions company for nursing and care homes in the UK.

Timanfaya Maternity Bath

The Timanfaya range is designed for preparation for childbirth with a natural approach. The Timanfaya dilation bath is recognised as a complement to or alternative analgesic treatments. It fits perfectly within physiological birth places. In a warm bath, the mother is less stressed and experiences her contractions more calmly.

Opulent Bathtub

The Opulant therapy bathtub is designed to provide relief to the bathing. The bath also makes handling easier for the carer. A relaxing and invigorating bath tub aimed at the well being and stimulation of the bather.

Rejuvenate Bathtub

The Rejuvenate bathtub offers the possibility of integrating a stretcher transfer device in complete immersion. Allowing the patient to comfortably enjoy all the natural therapies and their sensory stimulation.

The Rejuvenate therapy bath is designed to provide relief to the bather, and make the caregivers handling as easy as possible.

Indulgence Bathtub

Indulgence multi sensory therapy bath is designed to provide relief. And again make the caregivers handling as easy as possible. All the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath firmly aimed at the well-being and stimulation of the bather.

Grandoise Bathtub

Offers a non medical atmosphere that encourages sensory expression, relaxation and fun. All the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath, firmly aimed at the well-being and the stimulation of the bather.

Whether used with a walking frame, wheelchair, hoist or passive or active stander, the Grandiose bath is the most adapted/versatile system.

Sensory Stimulation

Air Balneotheraphy

Air balneotherapy is relaxing and soothing thanks to thousands of air bubbles.

Music Therapy

Music can be heard and felt thanks to a pure sound released into the air and water by vibration of the tub.

Colour Therapy

Light is diffused in the water and also projects into the room to create a real space of sensory well-being.


With Plant extracts and natural active ingredients, phytotherapy offers a full body treatment.

Full cover screen printing

Full cover screen printing where your bath colours can match your entire project.


Aromatherapy or how to enjoy aromas without altering the bath water, thanks to a unique system.

The right choice.

Please download our brochure below to view our comprehensive range of walk in baths, power assisted baths and bespoke baths that will meet every need, expectation and much more to fulfill the bather’s requirements. Alternatively call 0800 6125954.

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